Health and wellness massage

Relaxation and body care

The practice of massage is a true art of touch, based on the relaxation and well-being of its clients. Many types of massages and massage techniques exist. It is a matter of choosing the massage that is best suited to…

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Massage oil: How to choose it well?

Choosing the right massage oil is the basis of physiotherapy. It must be adapted to the massage time, the patient’s skin and the type of massage performed. To be effective and anti-allergenic, it is preferable to use a massage oil…

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Origin of the massage

The word “massage” probably derives its etymology from the Arabic masah (“to press lightly, to feel”) rather than from the Greek massein (“massage”). It is an ancestral practice used by many civilizations: Eastern, Asian and Indian. Relaxing, energizing, therapeutic, massage…

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How to wear obsidian stone jewellery?

Obsidian is an igneous rock that has been in existence for more than 36,000 years. This valuable volcanic stone has a glass-like appearance and forms after certain types of lava cool quickly, mainly through exposure to water. The lava responsible…

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