How to wear obsidian stone jewellery?

Obsidian is an igneous rock that has been in existence for more than 36,000 years. This valuable volcanic stone has a glass-like appearance and forms after certain types of lava cool quickly, mainly through exposure to water. The lava responsible for this stone’s formation has a high level of silica, an element that inhibits crystallization. Like other forms of glass, it is brittle and easily breaks into sharp edges. This aspect of breaking into sharp edges made it a valuable stone during the prehistoric era for use in making arrowheads and spears.

History and Composition

This stone traces its origin to 12,000 years BC, where its first deposits were discovered in Mexico and the United States. During the millennia era, most of its extractions took place in Mexico, giving it the title, Stone of Mexico. Later on, other deposits were discovered in various parts of the world. Obsius, a Roman explorer, discovered this stone in Ethiopia and it was therefore named after him. Deposits of this stone have been primarily located in the African, Asian and European continents. Though this stone can be found in different parts of the world, it varies in colour and texture based on the lava’s composition and the cooling process. Therefore, it may appear in black, grey or mahogany black colours.

The Available Types of this Precious Stone

The different forms of this stone in terms of appearance are:

• Snowflake: Forms when the crystallization process is not entirely inhibited. This results in the formation of crystals that appear like delicate white splotches resembling snowflakes.

• Shee: Created during the cooling process. The hot lava vaporizes water, creating beautiful minuscule bubbles. The resulting bubbles reflect gold and silver colours giving the stone a unique look.

• Rainbow: This stone is characterized by beautiful rings of colour. These colourful rings result from the chemical processes between silica and other minerals present in the lava.

Traditionally, this stone was used in medicine to fight inflammations, bacterial and viral infections. Additionally, it was used in making weapons of war and in trade. Today, different forms of this valuable stone are used in litho therapy and the manufacturing of elegant jewellery and accessories.

Why Wear this Stone Jewellery?

This stone jewellery has a unique glamour, making it a classy accessory. You can find it in the form of a pendant, bracelet or ring, among other accessories, and wearing it depends on your taste and what you want to achieve from it. However, you should wear it with caution due to its powerful properties, which makes it act quickly. Here are some of the benefits of wearing this stone.

• Protection Against Negative Energy

You can wear this natural stone jewellery to benefit from its protective properties. It is known to protect the wearer from any form of negative energy. For example, if you feel pressured by negative thoughts or feel threatened by negative energy forces circulating around you, consider wearing this natural stone. You may wear it as a bracelet, pendant or ring, depending on what is available for you to create a shield of psychic protection.

Additionally, you can wear jewellery or place it in your car, truck or luggage when travelling. This is to keep you safe and protected throughout the entire journey. If possible, it’s advisable to go for the black stone as it is believed to offer extra protection against mishaps when travelling.

Always remember to cleanse your stone regularly to remove the negative energies it absorbs while protecting you. There are various cleansing ways such as through intentions, burying in rice, sunlight and moonlight, lightning, and snow.

• Discover Your True Self

If you are on a self-discovery journey, this volcanic stone is one of your go-to natural stones. It is known as the stone of truth, and it possesses metaphysical properties that help you identify and connect with your inner self.

This aspect of helping you identify with your inner self is based on the fact that this stone forms from lava that emerges from deep within the earth’s interior. Additionally, its shiny exterior can help reflect your authentic inner nature. Therefore, wearing this stone helps you to know yourself better, allowing you to move through any obstacles that could hinder you from comfortably expressing yourself. When you are ready to dive into the deep self-discovery journey, consider wearing a piece of jewellery made from this precious stone.

• Invite Grounding Energy into Your Life

If you are struggling with focusing on your work, or having problems feeling confident about yourself, wearing this natural stone jewellery is the best way out. It helps you feel lucid and grounded. Additionally, this stone produces energy that nourishes your lower chakras. According to ancient natural body healing practices, chakras are your body’s focal points that you focus on when meditating. Focussing on your chakras during meditation enhances the body’s healing and energy restoration process. However, if you have been experiencing a lot of negative energy in the recent past, then your chakras may feel clogged up with the bad energy. This is where this beneficial stone comes in.

The crystals of this stone stimulate your chakras to clear any energy blockages in your system to help you feel more centred. In case you feel pressured by an approaching deadline at work, wear this stone to benefit from a sense of improved motivation, calm, focus and concentration. It also helps deal with the spirit of procrastination.

• Provides Psychic Protection

If you have had years of stressful living, your aura is likely dominated by some forms of energy that you would like to eliminate. Therefore, wearing this stone helps in cleansing your aura and provides you with psychic protection.

• Litho therapy

You can also wear this stone to benefit from its litho therapeutic properties. Through litho therapy, this stone helps alleviate body pains such as cramps and joint pains. It is, therefore, an effective form of medication.

• EMF Protection

Electromagnetic forces (EMF) are emitted by electronic devices such as laptops, computers and mobile phones, which we are always exposed to all day long. It is believed that wearing this stone crystal protects one from the EMF.

How to Wear this Stone Jewellery?

Depending on your preferences, you may wear this precious stone as a pendant, ring, bracelet, necklace or earring. Whichever the case, it works to yield the expected results. Before wearing your jewellery, you should first cleanse and activate it. You may cleanse it using soap and water, leaving it under the sun or moonlight, burying it in rice or using snow. Cleansing helps remove any negative powers or energy it might have gathered from the previous wearer or through contact with other people. After cleansing, you should activate it, for example, by touching it tenderly to let it know you are its owner.

However, there are certain tips you should consider when wearing your natural stone jewellery. For instance, when wearing a bracelet, it is advisable to put it on your left hand just like other crystals. The left hand is believed to enhance the stone’s powers as well as attract wealth and good luck. On the other hand, people believe that you are giving away your wealth by wearing it on the right hand.

A good number of people believe that your energy or activity level activates the stone to produce the expected results. Therefore, it is vital to maintain positive energy when wearing this stone. Be cautious with your jewellery piece as the stone is fragile, and it can easily shatter or scratch. However, if you take the right precautions in handling your accessory, it can last for years.

When not wearing your jewellery, you should place it in a safe place away from other stone minerals such as diamond and other hard stones that can scratch its surface. If it has sharp edges, avoid placing it closer to softer objects as it may damage them.

Who Should not Wear this Stone Jewellery?

This stone produces high powers, which could affect wearers whose spirits are not strong enough. Therefore, people below the age of 16 and above the age of 70 should not wear this stone. Additionally, expectant mothers should avoid wearing jewellery made from this stone until after birth to protect their unborn babies from the stone’s powerful energy.

Where to buy this Stone Jewellery?

Depending on your location, you may get your jewellery from the local stores dealing with minerals and natural stones. Additionally, you can extend your search to various online stores. However, ensure that you buy from a reliable store or vendor with good customer reviews and a clean record.


If you believe in the power of obsidian, get yours today and enjoy the inner peace, self-discovery and absence of negative energy in your life. Additionally, get to enjoy the healing caused by its litho therapeutic properties.

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