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The practice of massage is a true art of touch, based on the relaxation and well-being of its clients. Many types of massages and massage techniques exist. It is a matter of choosing the massage that is best suited to the client’s needs, both physically and spiritually.

The modelling of the world

Shiatsu therapeutic massage is linked to traditional Japanese medicine; it soothes the body’s tensions and revitalizes it. It is performed by pressing the fingers on the body’s reflex points. Also used to soothe tension and eliminate stress, foot reflexology consists of a massage of the feet and the arch of the foot. Practiced for thousands of years in China, reflexology is based on the body’s energy flows and reflex zones. Also called Esalen massage, Californian massage is a sensory massage, based on very gentle brushing techniques. Practiced on a mat on the floor, Californian massage promotes stretching and relaxation of the body. Ayurvedic massage is inspired by traditional Indian medicine. It consists in the application of a warm essential oil on the whole or part of the body, in order to distribute vital energy, stimulate the body and improve blood circulation. Oriental massage alternates circular movements, touches and pressures on the whole body, in order to regenerate the body and bring it a deep sense of well-being. The body is coated with scented oil (argan, orange blossom…) to relieve muscle tension and promote the drainage of the body.

Modelling with accessories

Of Japanese origin, Jiu-fa massage is based on heat treatment. It consists of heating the body’s acupuncture points with dried mugwort plants, called moxa, in the form of cones, sticks or cigars. Hot stone massage is widely used in spas and beauty salons around the world. It is practiced using volcanic basalt stones heated to a temperature between 50 and 60°C. The stones are then placed on the body to slowly diffuse their heat and bring it a real well-being. Pocket massage stimulates blood circulation and promotes muscle relaxation. Made of cotton or linen, the bags are filled with seeds or therapeutic herbs: sesame seeds, Thai herbs, lemongrass, roses… Thanks to circular movements and light pressure with hot bags, the essences are released on the different areas of the body.
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