Why choose a Deep Nature spa?

For thousands of years, the spa, formerly known as a “thermal spa”, has been considered vital for the serenity of body and mind. Water, heat, localized pressure… promote the relaxation of tensions, better sleep and a lasting energy boost. Follow the guide; we open the doors of Deep Nature spas to you…

The spa, a multi-sensory experience for well-being

In essence, wellness centers are designed as real havens of peace to offer you relaxation and soothing, thanks to the various facilities: sauna, hammam, jacuzzi, treatment and massage cabins… Deep Nature spas have been designed as true cocoons of softness. With a refined and luxurious design, you are in total immersion in our natural and multi-sensory universe. With more than 50 spas around the world, Deep Nature settles its suitcases in town, by the sea or in the mountains. At each destination, its signature care. In Provence, succumb to the Mediterranean Signature Care with lavender essential oils; in the Alps, relax at the top of the peaks with the Beyond the Mountains Care based on precious minerals. And because your pretty blond heads can also enjoy the benefits of a relaxing massage, Deep Nature has developed treatments adapted to the specific needs of the child for a moment of complicity with the family! To extend the unique spa experience at home, Deep Nature has also designed an exclusive range of natural treatments with exotic scents such as the Polynesian-inspired “l’Immersion” fragrance.

The virtues of the spa for body and mind

The spa has undeniable physical and psychological virtues. Thanks to water, heat and massage, the spa stimulates blood circulation, which eliminates toxins, relieves muscles and joints, soothes possible pains such as aches and pains, back pain, arthritis, tendonitis or even migraines; promotes better sleep, lower blood pressure and better digestion. By activating the body, it soothes the mind through the secretion of endorphins, the “happiness hormone”. Why deprive yourself of it then?

When should we go to the Spa?

The timing is different for everyone! The idea is to enjoy this pleasant break when your body asks for it. Depending on the season: during and after winter, your body is often attacked. Lack of light, cold, infections….severe fatigue is never far away. In addition to an adapted diet, the “well-being” alternative is an excellent solution to regain a little energy. According to your own schedule: before or after an important project, a change of life, an ordeal… it will then be wise to give yourself a break to take a break and start over on a healthy basis.
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