Massage oil: How to choose it well?

Choosing the right massage oil is the basis of physiotherapy. It must be adapted to the massage time, the patient’s skin and the type of massage performed. To be effective and anti-allergenic, it is preferable to use a massage oil of natural origin and fragrance-free.

Organic vegetable oil

Vegetable oil comes from a plant called an “oilseed plant”, most often extracted from a first cold pressing, which allows preserving all the cosmetic and therapeutic properties. Rich in vitamins and preservative-free, natural vegetable oil softens regenerates and softens your patient’s skin while protecting the hydrolipidic film.  It penetrates quickly into the skin, and allows a fluid and deep massage. An organic vegetable oil is oil derived from plants not treated with pesticides, solvents and unheated. By choosing organic oil, you avoid the risk of allergies and keep all the benefits of plants.

A neutral and non-greasy massage oil

Neutral oil is a mixture of natural vegetable oils without fragrance, additives and additives that combines the properties of all the oils used. The neutral oil is suitable for long massage and allows the incorporation of essential oils adapted according to the desired effect. Non-greasy oil allows a better sensation on the skin at the end of the massage, while preserving the fluidity and glide of the massage. Some examples of oils adapted to physiotherapy: Sesame oil: Sesame oil is a lech-rich oil that protects the cardiovascular and nervous systems. It is antioxidant and very penetrating. Its texture is non-greasy and is an ayurvedic type massage base. It regenerates, softens and protects the skin. Sweet almond oil: Sweet almond oil is a very moisturizing oil that allows a long massage. Rich in vitamin A, it has softening, toning and soothing properties. In addition to being a basic excipient for essential oils, it helps to treat irritations and regenerates dull and tired skin. Sunflower oil: Sunflower oil rehydrates and nourishes the skin tissues. It allows a long massage while taking care of the patients’ skin.
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