The benefits of the spa: The actions of hydrotherapy on our body

Published on : 09 July 20214 min reading time

For thousands of years, Man has used hot water for its therapeutic qualities. The hot bath has been adopted by many cultures and civilizations (Roman, Greek, Turkish, Japanese, Nordic, Egyptian, Indian…).

Today, the spa is recognized for its many benefits. Thanks to its hydro massage nozzles, the spa allows you to obtain precise and effective massages. The combination of heat and massage soothes the body and mind, health and mind just as much.

Spa use is becoming more and more common. There are many good reasons to have a spa in your home. After a long day at work or a strenuous workout, what could be more enjoyable than relaxing in a Jacuzzi? The spa is particularly suitable for people who are tired and stressed by their daily environment. The spa provides its users with a dose of well-being and relaxation.  As a bonus, the spa offers an alternative for people who do not have the time or opportunity to exercise.

Why does the spa relax?

The spa is relaxing because it stimulates the body’s production of endorphins. The latter resemble opiates, they are a natural sedative (painkiller) and provide a feeling of well-being. This is why endorphins are called “the happiness hormone”.

The effect of hot water on blood circulation allows endorphins and other nutrients to access damaged cells. As a result of its action, blood pressure decreases and blood pressure on the heart and other organs decreases.

But the spa has many virtues other than relaxation!

The physical and psychic virtues of the spa

The spa stimulates blood circulation, relieves muscular (and emotional!) tensions, relieves joints, relaxes muscles, tones the skin, soothes pain, facilitates digestion, eliminates toxins, boosts the supply of oxygen to the various cells of the body, relaxes…

The spa is therefore beneficial against aches, rheumatism, arthritis, back pain, muscle trauma (tendonitis, painful joints or sore muscles), migraines, hypotension or hypertension, varicose veins, overweight, cellulite… It would even help people with type 2 diabetes (by reducing blood sugar levels)).  But it also helps to fight insomnia, stress, depression, it regulates sleep (deep sleep guaranteed after a spa session)…

It should be noted that the benefits of the spa are not only occasional. The effects of a good spa session can last for a few days.

The spa is increasingly used by athletes because it helps them recover more quickly after intensive training (because it increases blood circulation and eliminates toxins and excess lactic acid on the muscles).

The spa is also very much linked today to aromatherapy (therapy with essential oils). It is a very good complement to hydrotherapy. Beyond the very pleasant scent diffused in the spa, the benefits of essential oils have been known for centuries.

They act on the organism as a whole by strengthening and stimulating the natural defence systems. Depending on the plants chosen, the effects are either stimulating, soothing or balancing.

The Spa in an institute or the awakening of the five senses

More and more individuals have a spa in their homes. In order to stand out, the Spa institutes play the card of total experience and the 5 senses. Decryption!

In order to make their customers feel as comfortable as possible, Spas also conceptualize their space to make it multi-sensory. Everything is done to ensure that the spa customer loses all his daily landmarks and experiences a change of scenery within the Spa. The principle is to make maximum use of the 5 senses of the human being: touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste.

Massage is also good for morale!

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