Foot reflexology: What are the benefits of a foot massage

Foot massage, also called foot reflexology, has many advantages. It is an alternative medicine, commonly used to untie muscles and relax tensions. More and more people are taking an interest in it for its soothing and restorative properties. Just like facial reflexology, palm reflexology (hands) or auricular reflexology (ear), plantar reflexology contributes to restoring the body’s functioning. Here is an update on the benefits of foot massages.

What is foot reflexology?

Foot reflexology has existed and been practiced in China for about 5000 years. This method with its many virtues is a remarkable source of development for those who benefit from it. Even if the technique is applied on the feet, it can rid the entire body of various ailments that constantly affect the organs. It is a relaxing and medical technique based on the stimulation of the organs via reflex zones. These zones are located on the arch of the foot and are used during a massage session. According to traditional Chinese medicine, each reflex zone of the foot is connected to a part of the body (head, neck, face, sinuses, eyes, ears, diaphragm, spine, lung…). For example, massage of the neck reflex zone helps to soothe tensions in the neck reflex zone. In addition, a massage below the toes where the reflex points of the sinuses are located stimulates them if they are congested. Whether or not we believe in Chinese medicine, foot massages have many benefits. Stimulation, relaxation, rebalancing: the 3 benefits of foot massage On our feet rests the entire body burden throughout the day. This is not a small thing! However, our feet usually do not have the opportunity to breathe because of the shoes. This is why it is necessary to massage them regularly, to offer them a well-deserved moment of relaxation. Foot massages have multiple facets, as they are stimulating, relaxing and re-balancing.

Nerve and blood stimulation

The foot contains many nerve endings connected to all parts of the body. For example, they allow us to feel the ground and contribute to our balance. Massaging your feet is a good opportunity to stimulate these nerve endings and keep them alert. In addition, a prolonged and repeated massage of the arch of the foot promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. If you are a victim of heavy legs, for example, by promoting venous return, foot massage will alleviate this unpleasant sensation.

Relaxation and relaxation

It is the delicate and prolonged passage of the fingers over the arch of the foot to promote nervous and muscular relaxation. So, just like back massage, foot massage helps to relieve stress and reduce fatigue. This is important because feet are usually compressed and mistreated in rigid shoes (especially women with heels). That’s why taking off your shoes at the end of a long day is one of the best sensations in the world! Because shoes lack flexibility, feet need to be massaged. It is therefore important to allow time for plantar reflexology. You can do it yourself (self-massage), with a foot massage device or through a therapist.

Re-balancing of body functions

In Chinese medicine, the exercise of repeated pressure on the reflex points allows to act on the body’s energy by restoring physiological well-being and emotional balance. This technique acts on nerve endings to recreate a certain harmony between vital organs.
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