An evening with other naturists


There are now a number of naked restaurants around the world that are catering to people who are looking for new and different dining experiences when eating out. Also known as nude restaurants, nudist restaurants, nude dining and nude eating out, naked dinners are a fun thing to try. For many naturists, nude dinners are a natural way to enjoy food with out ones clothes on. Being naked in a nude restaurant is however something that can be a little over whelming especially for people who are new to naturism. With this in mind we wanted to create at a retreat centre that was less intimidating and more personal to make nude eating out a more pleasurable experience. While a retreat centre doesn’t have a nudist restaurant, it do provide an opportunity for people to spend an evening to enjoy a naked dinner or if you are staying over night, a naked breakfast and a naked lunch in a large country style kitchen / dinning area.
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