Reduce stress
Fatigue and tension are symptoms of stress
Facilitate blood circulation
The pressure points affect the blood system and
helps its circulation.
Improve sleep
Soothe the body mentally and physically

Massage types

Californian massage
Relax body tensions

It is in Californian massage that we find the use of essential oils. This is the most widespread type of massage in the world. It targets two types of well-being. On the one hand, it relieves the body of various tensions occurring in the muscles and gives it a physical well-being. On the other hand, it soothes psychological tensions and thus brings mental well-being.

Ayurvedic massage
Regain body balance

Ayurvedic massage originates from India, more precisely from the Ayurveda region. It consists of a stimulation of the 7 chakras and uses hot oil. The masseur applies the latter to the body or to his forehead and presses various so-called ayurvedic points in order to restore balance. It rebalances the body and gives it energy at the same time.

Thai massage
Say goodbye to chronic fatigue

Among the many massages that can be found, Thai massage is particularly renowned for reducing or even eliminating fatigue. It is practiced on a futon placed on the ground and with the help of many massage oils. It is done in several movements and is as rhythmic as it is fast. It frees the client from negative emotions and allows him to regain body balance.

Are you feeling tense and uncomfortable?
Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation!
Each massage has its own specificity.
Pleasure, relaxation and treatment

More massage types accessible to all

Massage is far from being a simple discipline, it is an art that has been practiced for thousands of years, hence the numerous types and techniques…


Reflexology is a massage that fights anxiety and stress while relaxing the body for a long period of time. It is a real therapy to fight different diseases. It eliminates toxins and relieves the liver, heart, stomach and many parts of the body that are prone to disorders.

Amma therapy

One of the characteristics of amma massage is its particularly short duration. In this sense, it is mainly practiced sitting down, but some masseurs prefer to apply it by lying down their clients. Amma massage is an alloy of traditional medicines from China and Japan.

Shiatsu massage

The term shiatsu means “finger pressure”. Shiatsu massage therefore consists of finger pressure on specific parts of the body. It is native to China but has been revisited by the Japanese. It works by rebalancing the circulation of energy in the body.

Tantric massage

This massage can be performed by/for your love partner as part of practices that could spice things up, similar to those detailed in Jeux de Couple for instance. This erotic practice is renowned for its ability to resolve energy and sexual blockages.

Massage parlours

Choosing a good massage parlour is a priority when you want to relax in the best conditions.

Become a masseur/masseuse

Massage training

The professions related to massage are becoming more and more popular. The aesthetics, beauty, well-being and relaxation industries are in constant demand, which is why training centres offer a wide range of programs to enable everyone to acquire the essential skills to be part of that.

Where to begin and how to succeed

To get known and start your first job as a masseur, registering in a professional directory is a good idea. This makes it possible to develop one’s clientele very quickly. You can also join a group, a centre, a spa or work as a free agents… The possibilities are just endless!