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Training in Tantric Massage

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Tantric Massage training courses


We offer training in tantric massage to enable students to run a tantric massage business but also for couples or individuals who want to learn for their own benefit or for their partners.

 Certified practitioner courses in tantric massage


For those wanting to become certified tantric massage practitioners, the training is intensive and thorough. It includes learning the foundations of tantra, massage, and tantric sexuality among others. As part of the training you will be expected to investigate and work on your own sexuality in order that you can overcome your own “blocks” and offer genuine tantric massage to others in a healing, therapeutic, sensual, erotic and spiritual way.

The training is residential (based at Alto Sax Retreat Centre, in Essex, UK  - 1 hour from London, 20 minutes from Stansted Airport) although in certain circumstances commuting may be possible. The course is 15 days and is usually conducted in three consecutive days at a time, spread over 2 – 6 months depending on the students needs and availability at Alto Sax. There is also homework and journal work. The course also covers how to set up a business, marketing and legal issues. You will also be eligible to join several international tantra organisations after receiving your certificate.

The fees are £5000 person* or £8000 per couple inclusive. A limited number of sponsored place are available where the fees are reduced in return for working (cooking, cleaning, helping run workshops) at Alto Sax Retreat Centre. NOTE: Our previous students are earning  £2000 per week from runing a tantric massage business.

Many of our previous students are earning high incomes from their tantric healing and massage businesses around the world (references can be provided and verified when you book the course with us).

Previous students have included massage therapists who want learn about tantra and new massage modalities, sex workers who want to work  in a more healing, sacred and safe environment to alternative therapists broadening their skills.

*This is the fee for women only, for men there are extra fees to include female models to practice on.


Tantric massage courses for personal use only


To learn tantric massage for individual, non-certified, personal use, our classes start at £490 for a 4 hour session, £590 for a whole day. Amaze your partner with your new found skills, have more confidence in your sexual relationships with others, or just enjoy the experience.


 Contact us

If you are interested in the above please call us on +44 (0) 751 751 9066 and email info (at) with a brief CV, your contact details, photo and a one page synopsis on why you want to learn tantric massage.  All enquiries are treated in strictest confidence.

We also offer further training in areas such as erotic massage  and  tantric sex healing.

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