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Testimonials and reviews on Alto Sax Retreat Centre, and also on Tantra teachers John & Tara and other tantra teachers who have given workshops at Alto Sax Retreat Centre.



Reviews of Alto Sax and tantra teachers


This month I visited the Alto Sax Retreat Centre, a haven of bliss in deepest Essex. John and Tara, both members on this tantra site (tantra link community web site) have created a heavenly sanctuary in a four hundred year old house that boasts a swimming pool, hot tub and a view to die for. John and Tara are warm and welcoming hosts and offer a space for groups as well as bed and breakfast for individuals or couples who wish to chill out and find spiritual nourishment in a relaxing atmosphere. If you like getting naked, you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s also a clothing optional venue. Visit the site on

Review by Kavida Rei, Author of “Tantric Sex” 


"Shocking people is fun! After your wedding has been hijacked by bossy relatives and you’ve spent hours sweating over the seating plan after Aunt Maud refused to sit next to Aunt Ethel because "that old bag has no table manners", the honeymoon is your chance to be entirely selfish. If you’ve both always fancied going to the Amazon to help collect poisonous spiders for research or a bit of naked horse-back riding in Alaska, so be it. Here are a few ideas designed to provoke a few clucks of disapproval.

If you can avoid telling your elderly relatives where you’re off to on your honeymoon, or if they’re very open-minded, book into the luxurious Alto-Sax Retreat Centre ( in Essex for a bit of tantric sex. Private lessons can be arranged and newlyweds can stay in a special honeymoon suite, which comes with pampering toiletries and a Thai body massager. The centre is a secluded 16th century farm house with lake views, swimming pool and a hot tub. Practitioners of tantra use sex as a focus for channelling energy to a higher level in order to attain spiritual enlightenment – a bit like a physical mantra. Done properly, it can take sex in a loving relationship to a new deeply satisfying intensity. Owners John and Tara say that improved love lives and orgasms are a bonus side-effect rather than the goal of practising tantra: "It’s a different way of experiencing sexual energy; the goal is to achieve intimacy, love and inner peace." Beginners are welcome to the centre, which has an optional clothing policy – you have been warned!"

Excerpt from Black Meringue magazine on Alternative weddings Autumn 2007


Testimonials on John and Tara – based at Alto Sax

Thank you John & Tara for an amazing weekend. You are fantastic tantra teachers - the teachings were clear, fun, playful and informative and the ongoing home work has realy helped us grasp sacred sexuality. - we will be coming again!

J & H, from Finland


A beautiful couple (John & Tara) that created a safe haven for us to learn tantric sex - the Saturday night cocktail party combined with fluorescent body painting and fluorescent drinks was original great fun and led into more interactive exercises on the Sunday. We were thoroughly pampered by this wonderful tantric couple for the whole weekend and will definitely becoming back for more advanced tantra sessions.

T & H, Surrey, UK


Having suffered sexual abuse when younger - thank you Tara & John for helping me heal my wounds. The hot tub experience at mid night under the stars on a winter night with your wonderful chanting, sitting naked, hugging you both and sobbing my heart out was a deeply moving experience. I still feel the healing effects 6 months on!

Miss CB, Essex


Thank you John for helping me not only becoming orgasmic for the first time in my life but also learning female ejeculation. Approaching my mid 40's without having that experience and with your gentle and respectful guidance I have now entered a new chapter of my life.

Ms AB, Essex



Reviews on Tantra Workshops

(John & Tara tantra teachers, also on Laurie Handlers, Tantra Teacher from New York, USA who has led tantra workshops at Alto Sax Retreat Centre, Essex, UK)


“A well constructed workshop held at a beautiful venue with warm and caring hosts.”

G.P. Berkshire, UK

“A great place to step into the unknown!  The informality and
friendliness of both of the instructors and surroundings made it possible for us to engage in such transformational work.”
Paul Davies, North London, UK


“The experience is therapeutic and awakens the sleeping aspects of our personality.”
S & B, Suffolk, UK

“Beautiful setting, friendly hosts, good food.”
S & B Suffolk, UK


“The workshop is challenging, informal and supportive.”
S & B, Suffolk, UK
“I have attended all of Laurie’s courses in the UK and can recommend her warmly to anyone who wants to open up to allow the energies of the universe to be expressed through their lives.  She works with emotional clearing, living in the unknown and specific tantric techniques.  My life has changed enormously in the five years I have worked with Laurie.
Alto Sax is a great venue, a great location with lovely hosts and fantastic facilities.”
Stephen, Willesden Green, London, UK

“Alto Sax is a great retreat and the ‘Sacred Love and Bliss’ was a good first exposure to tantra during which personal space and boundaries were respected.”
M from London, UK


“Laurie creates a beautiful and supportive space in which I could explore my own sexual energy in a playful and sacred way.  I felt held in my process and could thus allow myself to simply stay with, look at and release or embrace what came up.  It was a great experience with a gem of a facilitator in a garden of Eden location.  Thanks a lot, I’ll be
C T. (Psychotherapist), North Wales


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