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Sexual Mindfulness

At Alto Sax we have been developing, over the past seven years, a unique approach within the realm of tantra and sacred sexuality.

We have been applying the concept of Mindfulness (pure, consciousness*, non judgemental, awareness) and combining this with sexual experience as a tool for experiencing sacred sexuality and also in sexual healing with great success.

*(NOTE: Mindfulness is not self consciousness – which is something very different). 

Mindfulness has been used in the past, for pain reduction, cures for addictions including alcoholism and sex addiction, for increasing therapeutic connection for practitioners in counselling and complementary therapies, for developing equanimity, positive emotional states and inner peace. 

As a Buddhist, John, the owner of Alto Sax and a teacher of sacred sexuality,  first noticed an increase in sensuality and sexuality when practising mindfulness on Buddhist meditation retreats in the late 1980's. Also eating on such retreats became a truly blissful and sensual delight - “Ruth Denison, based in the  Joshua Tree Desert , in California, was one of my teachers. For example,  one time she instructed us to eat, very slowly, a single tomato, spread over ten minutes – it was a very sensual experience and practising mindfulness also transformed  the taste and experience of eating a plain tomato into an orgasmic experience!

At Alto Sax, we have now applied the ancient Buddhist technique of mindfulness to sexuality. When combined with the generation of sensuality and sexual energy, a profound increase in connectedness to ourselves, our lovers and others occurs. This can help with lack of intimacy and enhances connection with our sex and love, increases blissful states of sexual energy and helps us to become more loving and less performance based in our sexual relations. 

Many of us are distracted by other thoughts and feelings when involved in sexual activity, such as “are my breast large enough,  am I giving oral sex correctly, I need to finish this and put the dinner on,  i’m bored!, do I smell nice,  is he thinking of someone else, maybe I don’t love her”  etc.  All these thoughts and feelings prevent us from being fully present and enjoying the “ here and now” experience of authentic relating.  When you really are in the moment, or have moment to moment awareness, or are fully present with another person, it actually feels very sexy, you  also feel honoured and respected, you become less attached to goal orientated sex and feel very, very sensual.  Also, when mindfulness (particularly anapanasati) is combined with tantric massage, for example, it becomes a truly amazing experience, dancing and flowing into love, sensuality, sexual energy and tantric healing. 

At Alto Sax we have pioneered these techniques and invite you to join us a try them out for yourselves.

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