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About Alto Sax, John & Tara, plus Room Rates

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About Alto Sax Retreat Centre and Room Rates


The retreat centre is  based in Essex, UK, only 20 minutes from Stansted Airport and 1 hour from London. The centre consists of a 20 room stunning medieval manor house with a 40 foot outdoor swimming pool, hot tub, private lake and is situated on 300 acres of land.

We have beautiful accommodation for short or longer term stays.  The cost for one nights stay including fulll board and two half hour free "community" tantra sessions  is £250 per room per night. This can be reduced to £125 per night if you have booked a tantra session during the day (depending on the length of the tantra session and what was involved.

After two consecutive nights, the cost is reduced to only £125 per night.

You can also book a genuine tantric massage or a tantra healing session while staying with us.

We also have a number of volunteers who live, work and are learning tantra and sacred sexuality at our retreat centre, based near Stansted Airport in Essex UK.  

Consequently, you are welcome to join our daily tantra sessions or if you prefere book private time with John.

Please contact us by calling +44 (0) 751 751 9066 or fill in the form below including your email (and contact phone number if you want us to call you - we treat your details as stricly confidential and when calling you back will be very discrete to protect your privacy - Alto Sax or Tantra are not mentioned unless we have verified that we are speaking to you first). 


Want to know what we sound like, how we learn't Tantra? Click here to listen to our interview in 2007 with Laurie Handlers on Tribecca Radio based in New York.


Book a half day to two day "Introduction to Tantric sex " session, pamper yourself with a Tantric massage or just book an overnight stay which includes a 1 hour Tantra session.

About John & Tara - teachers of Tantra and sacred sexuality at Alto Sax Retreat Centre.

John - pictured above) teaches tantra courses at Alto Sax Retreat Centre. Although I have been fully immersed in Tantra for over 27 years I am a "down to earth" person who looks very “normal”, even if others find me a little unconventional (how many teachers of sacred sexuality does one meet on a regular basis!) From the feedback we get from students, and guests they say I am a warm person who isdown to earth, kind hearted, intelligent, sexy, creative, unconventional and spiritual! I do sometimes wear kaftans, Zen clothing, white flowing gowns, etc., but often just wear contemporary “normal” clothing or none at all if the weather is good! I am happy mixing with new age spiritual seekers or entrepreneurs, musicians, librarians!, etc., and enjoy people’s company in general.  I  also have a tantric partner - We are very fortunate to have a wonderful relationship and when we met we were both very much attracted by each others spiritual journeys, achievements and attitudes apart from finding each other irresistibly, physically attractive!. It was also the first time that either of us had had a spiritual partner.  We have been together eight years now and both saw the “sacred sex video” on the Uk's Channel 4 about 15 years ago. However, our partners at the time were not receptive to this approach and so we had to explore tantra on our own.  We are both committed to spiritual and personnel development and are both very open and creative in our approach to life. Life is never boring and we pretty much live, as our friends call it, “an inspired life”.  I started this centre because I wanted something similar to our experiences, but hadn’t found it in the UK. We have both been to numerous retreat centres, tantra workshops and naturist venues and wanted to combine the best of them.  I think that I have achieved this at Alto Sax Retreat Centre, based in Essex. Alto Sax is a place to explore spiritual and personnel development, optional clothing naturism, and to experience tantra and sacred sexuality.  Unlike other tantra centres, we don’t stick to one form of tantra, and we also invite tantra teachers from different disciplines to come and teach, as we do ourselves.  My own spiritual journey has been through Buddhism, in which tantra plays an important part. I have studied with some fantastic teachers such as Ruth Dennison, Joanna Macy, and Christopher Reed based in California, with the Samatha group in Wales, UK ( ), with the FWBO, with Zen teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh a Vietnamese Buddhist monk ( ) and also with Ajahn Cha and Ajahn Sumedho and other monks in the English Sangha Trust ( ).  We have also been taught tantra and sacred sexuality and attened workshops by such teachers as John Hawken, Laurie Handlers, Jewels, Leora Lightwoman, Mantak Chia, among others. We are also very much inspired by teachers such as Louise Hay ( ) , Wayne Dyer, ( ), Shirley MacLaine ( ), Julia Cameron ’The Artists Way’ & ‘The Right To Write‘, Deepak Chopra. Shakti Gawain, Denise Linn and also events such as the Aum Meditation sessions ( ), Gabriel Roth’s 5 Rhythms ( ) , The Buddha field ( ) the Big Green Gathering ( ) and the Whirl y gig events ( ).  The centre has several projects which we are undertaking in sacred sexuality. This includes the use of biofeedback with tantric breathing techniques, the creation of new sacred rituals and the use of improvisation techniques to help people to move away from their “thinking mind” to a an attitude that is more intuitive and creative. We welcome guests that want to enjoy a spiritual haven that also embraces optional clothing naturism and tantra. We think that we are the first venue in the World that is committed to both spirituality and naturism. I  also teach tantra at different festivals – and John even does tantric massage workshops (for example, his “unofficial” workshops at the Buddhafield have become “famous” – done naked in the nearby woods!  The above was written by John – tantra teacher and owner of Alto Sax Retreat Centre, Essex UK


Please call+44 (0) 751 751 9066 for more details and to make a booking or fill in the form below. Enquiries are treated as striclty confidential.


 Training in Tantric Massage
If you want to become a practitioner of tantric massage please contact us for more details of our certified courses. Many of our students are running tantric massage busineses in the UK and overseas.

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